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  •  Daily Office Cleaning
  •  Wash Room Services
  •  Home Care
  •  Service Apartment
  •  Apartment Common Area Cleaning
  •  Industrial Cleaning
  •  MEP Services
  •  Security Services
  •  Building Maintenance
  •  Pest Control Services
  •  Landscaping
Office Support
  •  Payroll Management
  •  Office & Mailing Services
  •  Front Office Management
  •  Pantry Services
  •  Club Operation
  •  Industrial Catering
  •  Guest House Management
  •  Health Care Catering
  •  Cafeteria Services


Wash Room Services

  •   Dust ceiling fans, wall ornaments
  •   Dust air vents & baseboards
  •   Remove lime, soap, mildew from Grout & Corners
  •   Clean glass shower doors inside & outside
  •   Mirrors & chrome fixtures cleaned & shined
  •   Scrub/disinfect & dry sinks
  •   Scrub and disinfect toilet both inside & outside
  •   Vacuum rugs & return when floor is dry
  •   Empty trash & replace bag
  •   Clean tissue holder & towel racks
  •   Vacuum & scrub/disinfect floor, including corners

Service Apartment

  •   Bed Making
  •   Rest Room Cleaning
  •   Floor Cleaning
  •   Cobweb Removal
  •   Glass Cleaning
  •   Kitchen Services
  •   F&B Services
  •   Laundry Services
  •   Front Office Management
  •   Gardening
  •   Common Area Cleaning


Property Services and managing a property from A to Z requires time, overview and control. Often, time and resources are wasted because tasks are delegated to a range of different suppliers and partners, who rarely have the complete overview nor think in terms of coordination and rationalization of tasks.

Akash Property Services can provide of a long list of services that contribute to optimizing the value of a company's property service budget. We offer anything from staircase cleaning and lawn mowing to technical -or craftsman services.

Building Maintenance and Pest Control Services

  •   Staircase & Corridor cleaning
  •   Lift Operators
  •   Wastage Removal
  •   Common Area Cleaning
  •   Glass Cleaning
  •   Swimming pool Maintenance
  •   Anti Cockroach Treatment
  •   Anti Termite Treatment
  •   General Disinfestations
  •   Mosquito Control

MEP Services

Akash is a professional outsourcing Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing firm and leading services provider of mechanical, electrical and plumbing design engineering and MEP consulting engineers in India. We specializes in modern MEP Services for equally fresh and reconstruction projects in a wide range of commercial, residential and institutional buildings.


Payroll Management

Akash first began offering centralized payroll services. To meet the global payroll services needs of our clients, Unicare responded by offering a comprehensive, centralized Payroll Services and Payroll Processing Outsourcing solution, which is now part of the Business Process Outsourcing corporate.

We successfully implement solutions within the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, financial, insurance, chemical, and transportation industries. It is our philosophy to provide best-in-class support to each client and the workers they recruit. Some of the benefits Unicare offers include:

  •   Single point of contact
  •   Standardized on-boarding and off-boarding
  •   Uniform orientation, compensation, and benefit administration
  •   Consistent administration of order placement, fulfillment, and management
  •   Expense administration and management
  •   Per diem compliance administration and management
  •   Pre-employment testing
  •   Flexible invoicing
  •   Access to electronic funds transfer (EFT) and electronic data interchange (EDI)
  •   Administration and compliance with wage and hour laws
  •   Flexible payroll methods

We are dedicated to providing you with a cost effective, customized, turnkey solution that will accelerate change without disruption, create sustainable value, increase stakeholder satisfaction, and generate a platform for business growth and expansion.


Kitchen Cleaning

Akash offers professional kitchen cleaning services to the Metro Cities; we are an established company that offers quality and reliable service at affordable prices. From washing floors to cleaning light fixtures, our fully trained professionals are prepared to exceed your expectations.

Our Kitchen Cleaning Services Include:

  •   Cleaning Appliances, Counters, Cabinets, Tables and Chairs
  •   Cleaning range top, drip pans and hood
  •   Cleaning exterior and top of refrigerator
  •   Vacuuming and/or washing floors and rugs

Commercial Club / Restaurant Managements

  •   Front Office Management
  •   Kitchen Management
  •   Food &Beverage Services
  •   Conference Services
  •   Events & Food Festival